API Documentation

Welcome to the TS (Traditional/Simplified) Chinese Translation API. We cover over 85000 common characters and 3000 special characters, and we are constantly adding new translations. Feel free to send us an email if there is special translation that isn't supported yet. The document below covers how to use our API. Let us know if you any questions.


An API token is required for every request to the TS API. Your API token is used to authenticate you with our API, and it should be provided as an authorization token in http request header.

The API token can be retrieved from the your account page. If you don't have an account, feel free to sign up for free to get an API token.

API Endpoint



Request (replace XXXXXX with your token):
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXXX" https://www.ts-api.com/api/translate/s2t?text=测试文字
Response (in JSON):
    "original_text": "\u6d4b\u8bd5\u6587\u5b57",
    "translation_text": "\u6e2c\u8a66\u6587\u5b57",
    "translation_type": "s2t"
"\u6d4b\u8bd5\u6587\u5b57" is 测试文字 in unicode code point
"\u6e2c\u8a66\u6587\u5b57" is 測試文字 in unicode code point

Character representation

We use Unicode code point to represent all Chinese characters. In the API response, both original_text and translation_text are represented in unicode.


Our API is available only over secure HTTPS connections, even on the free plan. This is to provide maximum security for all client requests.